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Here at Day and Knight we like to keep you updated with latest information and car chargers are getting clever. The Zappi from Myenergi has a lot of features you might not be aware.

As electric cars become more popular, the demand for electric vehicle (EV) chargers has grown significantly. A local electrician in Stafford, who specialises in fitting EV chargers, has become a popular choice for many residents in the area. In this blog, we’ll explore how this electrician is fitting the Zappi Myenergi car charger and other makes of car chargers for electric cars.

The Zappi Myenergi car charger is a popular choice for EV owners due to its advanced features and compatibility with a range of electric cars. It’s a smart charger that uses green energy to charge your car, allowing you to power your vehicle in an eco-friendly way. Additionally, the Zappi Myenergi car charger offers a range of features such as a boost function that allows you to charge your car quickly, and it can be programmed to charge at specific times to take advantage of cheaper energy rates.

Our local electrician in Stafford has extensive experience fitting the Zappi Myenergi car charger, along with other makes of car chargers for electric cars. They start by assessing your home’s electrical infrastructure to ensure that it can support the charger’s power requirements. They’ll also help you select the right charger for your car and recommend the best location for installation.

Once they’ve determined the optimal location, they’ll install the charger using high-quality components and the latest electrical installation techniques. This includes ensuring that the charger is safely and securely mounted, and that all electrical connections are correctly installed.

The electrician will also provide advice on how to use the charger and ensure that you understand how to take full advantage of its features. They’ll also be available to answer any questions you may have about the charger, providing ongoing support and maintenance to keep your charger working perfectly.

Overall, the local electrician in Stafford who specializes in fitting Zappi Myenergi car chargers and other makes of car chargers for electric cars is an excellent choice for EV owners in the area. They offer a professional service and will ensure that your charger is installed correctly, safely, and securely. With their help, you can enjoy the benefits of electric motoring and charge your car in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible.

The Zappi can connect to you internet and use excess solar / wind energy to power you car maximising your surplus self generated electricity.

Manage the power and energy you use through the app and save money.

Winning multiple awards for their products. That will intelligently work with your systems to future proof them.

This product can come with white or black cover

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