AFDD Arc fault protection devices and why they’re Great !

AFDD are great we’ve only recently seen these come into the industry. After the horrific events of the Grenfell tower in which an appliance went faulty through Arcing and caused the fire.
I think this poduct will save lives it’s one of those you don’t need it until you need it and when you need it you really need it.
As an Electrician I find the arc fault detection absolutely fantastic it’s the one area that we haven’t really updated with the current fuse board until now. For extra protection it allows a system of your consumer unit or fuse board to monitor what is going on and if an appliance does go faulty it will automatically switch off.
The green light will flash to tell you the fault.
This is great for customers to see what’s going on.
The cost of the AFDD is high at the moment but will come down in over time. Ihave fitted one at my home to keep me and my family a little safer.

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