Cost of an Electrician ?

In 2012, Which? Local surveyed over 100 of their recommended electricians to find out about average charges for a variety of standard domestic electrical jobs. In 2018, we contacted some of our Which? Trusted Traders to update these figures and bring you a snapshot of costs.

We’d recommend always calling in a professional to carry out any electrical maintenance or repairs, particularly if they fall under Part-P regulations. If you need to find an electrician in your area, use our Which? Trusted Traders online search to find endorsed traders.

Many electricians will charge per hour of their time or a daily rate, rather than per specific job. Most job prices will include testing and certification. It’s always a good idea to ask your trader to break-down any quote they provide you, so you know how you will be charged and for what. We’ve got lots of advice about how to work with your trader to ensure any job goes smoothly.

Hourly rates and prices for specific jobs will vary according to location. On average, the traders we contacted said they charge £35 per hour or £250 for an 8 hour day, although the first hour may be charged at a higher rate.

Jobs are more straightforward in houses where the wiring and fittings already meet regulations – work may be more costly and time-consuming in older properties, where wiring needs to be brought up to standard. You can also reduce time and costs by ensuring that your electrician has easy access to the wiring or sockets they need to work with.