The quality of workmanship was to a high standard

Day and Knight recently underwent their 20th NICEIC Electrical Contractor yearly inspection and successfully passed with flying colours, scoring a flawless 100% without any issues. Here’s what the inspection report had to say:

  • Showcased an excellent understanding of relevant standards.
  • Displayed a comprehensive knowledge of the applicable Building Regulations and Standards associated with Electrical Work.
  • Exhibited proficiency in the inspection, testing, and verification of installations.
  • The assessment was commendable, with the business being thoroughly prepared for the visit. No non-conformances were identified.
  • David demonstrated exemplary systems of work and exhibited exceptional skills in test and inspection.
  • The quality of workmanship observed was of a high standard.

These outstanding results and positive remarks from the inspection reaffirm Day and Knight’s commitment to maintaining excellence in their electrical contracting services.