Car Showroom Lighting

Bringing new Light to Car Showroom

Day and Knight Ltd, supplies and fits new LED lighting to Car Showroom Henley Cars Ltd in Cannock. Transforming the whole space including showroom, valet and offices.

LED lights, not only saving the business money on electricity, but also making the place look bright and fresh for their customers. Selling top of the range used BMW’s to their customers in Cannock and surrounding areas. They want their customers to see the cars in the best light possible. Henley Cars Ltd has amazing deals on used BMW’s in the area and now they have the best lighting to show the cars in the best light. Their new valeting bay has had a make over to, with new sockets and plenty of LED vapour proof bright white lights on the ceiling and walls giving full 360 degree light around the cars for cleaning. “On most day it’s brighter than outside” said Dean the main valet The show room, offices and car park have also been fitted with the new lights giving a fresh look to the building. Another satisfied client of Day and Knight Ltd.