School Electrician

school electrician

Would your Electrical system pass?

Day and Knight have been taking on the role of school electrician during our recent work carrying out electrical condition reports at high schools and primary schools in and around Stafford. The main purpose of the reports is to ensure that all the school electrics comply with the current BS7671 Amd 3 standard which covers electrical safety in public buildings.

Meeting Safety Standards

The first task of a school electrician is to test all the electrical circuits on the premises by completing an electrical condition report to make sure everything is working safely and up to current standards. The electrician will then provide the school with a comprehensive electrical condition report, which will highlight any faults, problems or repairs, along with a clear quote for any work that needs doing. Of course, it’s not just schools that need the help of an electrician to stay safe. It is recommended that all commercial and industrial buildings carry out electrical inspection tests every five years to comply with the electricity at work act 1989, Health and safety at work act 1974 – and for insurance purposes. If any additional works are required, the electrician will quote for the work that needs to be done to make the electrical system conform to BS7671 Amd 3 standard. If the client wants the electrician to complete the work required they can be promptly booked in and Day and Knight will return to fix and update the electrical system to ensure it complies to the current standards.

Minimal disruption

Day and Knight is currently engaged to act as school electrician at a high school where work is needed to improve the electrical system. By carrying out this work in the school holidays there should be no disruption to students and staff in term-time. Working around term dates has a two-fold benefit by making the job of the school electrician easier, and not disturbing the school day. If you have commercial premises, or are in need of an NICEIC approved school electrician, please get in touch to discuss arranging an inspection or call David on 01785 661199 or 07792 913566.